Spring Semester 2018 Intake-Open Positions
관리자 2017.09.14


We are recruiting graduate students on M.S./Ph.D. Combined or Doctoral Program (Master degree only not available). The program will take no less than 6 years and will start on March 2018 (Spring Semester 2018 intake).


Eligible Students, who intend to pursue a M.S./Ph.D. Combined or Ph.D. program in solar cells and thermoelectric (these will take no less than 6 years).

-  Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree (for combined program) or master's degree (for doctoral program) from chemistry, physics, material science, chemical engineering, physical engineering, material engineering or related major before November 2017.

- Have good attitude and strong motivation to do research.


- Tuition Fee   : Full tuition exemption until graduate

- Living expenses (different according to the degree program) for new student of combined program ~700,000 KRW per month


Any applicants who have competitive academic backgrounds and ready to dedicate themselves on his/her researches can apply for this program. The admission will be determined by the academic advisor and committees followed by the official process of the university. Applicant can submit CV, Transcript, and Certificate of Graduation before September 30th 2017 through email to:

Septy Sara Janny Sinaga

E-mail             : septysjs@kookmin.ac.kr

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