For international applicants
Professor 2011.09.17


We are currently recruting enthusiastic graduate students who are chemistry related majored (chemistry, polymer, chemical engineering, materials, physics etc...).  The main research topics will be i) synthesis of organic conjugated molecules and polymers, ii) understanding physical chemistry in organic solar cells (OPV and DSSC), iii) chemistry in graphene and CNTs, iv) materials and physics in organic electronics.  The positions for postdoctor researcher in the same research areas are also open. 

Outstanding scientist program for Foreign candidates

Outstanding foreign candidate for "Ph.D. program" or "MS/Ph.D combined program" is available in our department.  There are a couple of openings for our research group in this semester. The GPA, English, and the previous research performance are the criteria for the evaluation. This program offers sufficient financial support during the study in our group. The financial supports include followings;


1. The full scholarship for tuition.
2. The stipend (~ 700,000 KRW per month)

Any applicants who have competitive academic backgrounds and are ready to dedicate themselves on his/her researches can apply for this program. The applicants should directly contact to the academic advisors who you would like to join, and the admission will be determined by the academic advisor first followed by the official process of the university.

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