Open positions for graduate students and postdocs
Professor 2013.08.07



We are currently recruting enthusiastic graduate students who are majored in materials chemistry or device physics related fiends (chemistry, polymer, material sciences, physics, chemical engineering, etc...). The main research topics will be;


i) Synthesis of Organic Conjugated Molecules and Polymers for Organic Solar Cells

ii) Device Fabrication, Physics and Characterizations (Organic Solar Cells, Quantum-dot Solar Cells, and Perovskite Solar Cells)

iii) Organic Thermoelectrics (Materials and Devices)

iv) Nanomaterials (Graphene and CNTs)



The positions for postdoctor researcher in the same research areas are also open. All the positions are open for both domestic and international candidates.


Energy & Nanoelectronic Materials Group, Department of Chemistry, Kookmin University,
861-1, Jeongneung-Dong, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul 136-720, Republic of Korea, Tel:82-2-910-5583

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