New paper published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
관리자 2012.07.08

A new paper regarding "Graphene based counter electrode for DSSCs" was accepted in ACS Applied Materials & interfaces.


Sung-Yeon Jang,* Young-Gon Kim, Dong Young Kim, Hong-Gon Kim, and Seong Mu Jo "Electrodynamically Sprayed Thin Films of Aqueous Dispersible Graphene Nanosheets: Highly Efficient Cathodes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells" ACS Appl. Mater. & Interfaces 2012, 4, 3500-3507. .


This paper is about development of a graphene based counter electrode for DSSCs. Electrospray method for counter electrode preparation, aquesous solution of graphene nanosheets, and chemical structure control of the graphene nanosheets were dicussed in the paper. This paper talks about the optimization of graphene based counter electrode for DSSCs and the performance was > 95% of the Pt, the state-of-the-art counter electrode. 

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