New paper is published in Org. Electron.
Professor 2011.09.14



We got accepted a paper regarding "thermoelectrics of polymer nanocomposites" in Organic Electronics (IF=3.99). 


Yongjoon Choi, Yuhee Kim, Sung-Geun Park, Bong June Sung, Sung-Yeon Jang,* Woochul Kim* "Effect of the Carbon Nanotube Type on the Thermoelectric Properties of CNT/Nafion Nanocomposites" Org. Electron. 2011, 12, 2120-2125. 


This paper is the first paper from our group which discuss about thermoelectric properties of polymer materials. Novel water soluble CNT/Nafion nanocomposites were prepared and investigated their electrical conductivity and thermoelectric powers. We hope we can further develop this technique to more advanced organic materials.

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