Our research group is interested in novel nanomaterials and processing techniques for energy and electronic applications. The research area ranges from the materials synthesis to the device physics. In materials end, we are developing novel organic conjugated materials including conducting polymers, nano-scale carbon materials and metal oxides. We apply the new materials to the devices such as polymer solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, thermoelectrics, supercapacitors, transparent electrodes, sensors etc while exploring the structure/property relations. We also study actively for the novel processing methods of the nanomaterials to facilitate their practical uses. We are particularly interested in electro-spinning (spraying) techniques which can prepare a range of nanostructures of various materials.

  What are the fundamental issues to optimize the properties of materials for energy and electronic devices?
  How the chemical structures and nanostructures of the materials are influence on their optical, electrical, and
-  electrochemical properties?
  What are the novel strategies and materials to be breakthrough technologies in the field of energy
   and nano-electronics?

Please visit our Research page for more details regarding our research activities.

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