Electronic Materials Chemisty [Graduate]
Professor 2011.09.17

For the students taking Electroic Materials Chemistry course.


Electronic Materials Chemisty course requires the presentation of your term projects.  This will cover 60% of your evaluation (very important !!!).  The topics for your projects  have to be determined by 9/30.  The first presentation will be on 10/17 (wensday), and one student per week for the following weeks. Students should prepare the ~ 1hr presentation. Please suggest your topics by 9/23, so we can decide by 9/30 after discussing with me.


The topics decided are;

Sivanesan Dharmalingam: Electronic materials for chemical sensing

Senkuttuvan Rajendiran: Photoelectrochemical Cells

Hoo-Geun Park: Electrodewetting of electronic materials

Jeehae Oh: Patterning of electronic materials

Sun Cheng: Electrochemcial conversion of CO2 using metal electrodes

Jeesu Yoon: Organic light emitting diodes

Sanyeop Kim: Techniques for CO2 recycles

Sungpyo Hong: Electrical and  optical properties of quantum dots; their applications for optoelectronics

Sumit: Sensors using electronic materials


Hoo-Geun... please discuss for the presentation order, and let me know...


Good luck guys~~




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